The faux bob hairtsyle (tutorial)

The faux bob hairstyle is the perfect choice if you want to shorten your hair without cutting it. According to our friends from CuteRedLips, the faux bob is one of the most trendy hairstyles of this cold season, so we thought we would tell you more about it.

Creating the faux bob hairstyle is actually really easy and can be done if you have medium or long hair. The overall look of this hairstyle is very elegant and reminds us of the ’20s so if you are looking for a vintage hairstyle this is a great option.┬áMany celebrities like Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift or Emma Stone have already tried this hairstyle and we must say that they look amazing.

To make the faux bob at home you will need a curling iron and some bobby pins. You can see all the steps in the tutorial below:

Faux Bob Tutorial

Faux Bob Tutorial

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