Beautiful wedding manicures


The wedding day is one of the most important day of our lives! So it must be perfect! After thinking about the ceremony, party and other details it's time to think about your dress, hair, make up and nails. Nails are a very important part as your hands are doing something all the time on your … [Continue reading]

DIY amazing decorations from old CDs


We all have some old CDs  just laying around our house or maybe at work, and maybe we think it's time to throw them away. But before you decide that, you should know that there are many things that you can do with an old CD. Because of their shape and the material from which they are from, CDs are … [Continue reading]

Why should you use coconut oil


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Romantic spring wedding ideas


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Retro decor ideas and designs for your home


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The pencil skirt, a must have in 2015

Pencil skirt + crop tops

Pencil skirt is a popular clothing item, becoming in time a piece of resistance in every woman's wardrobe. It can be successfully integrated in a … [Continue reading]

Homemade shampoo recipe, ready in 5 minutes


Homemade cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, as more people understand how harmful are the chemicals found in the products on the market. The … [Continue reading]

Tomato tart recipe


Tomato tart is a delight, is a salty cake. It's great for dinner or for the lunch bags to take at work, and is just as hot or cold. Ingredients for … [Continue reading]

20 modern kitchen ideas and designs


The kitchen is that room where we not only cook food but also where we spend quality time with our family and friends. Some of us like to have a more … [Continue reading]

15 of the most unique hotels in the world


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