Outfit of the Day (October 20, 2014)


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Creative cake pops designs


Cake pops have become the new must have at every party, wedding and baby shower! It's easy to imagine why: they are simply adorable and can be transformed in everything a pumpkin to a groom or a flower. It is a very good gift to give to your wedding guests as a favor or a sweet that goes great on a … [Continue reading]

Nike Air Max Thea running shoes for women


The Nike Air Max Thea are the perfect running shoes for women! They are not only very comfortable but also very feminine and trendy! Here are some of … [Continue reading]

Ten beautiful long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses


Mermaid wedding dresses are some of the most popular dresses in the world. Of course you have to have a perfect waist in order to wear this type of … [Continue reading]

Trend alert: knuckle rings


Here is something that you also might want to buy and wear everywhere you go: knuckle rings! They are the new must have and everybody wants … [Continue reading]

Build you kid a tree house!


If you have a big back yard and you also have a big tree, than must build your kid or kids a tree house! It is so much fun having a tree house where … [Continue reading]

9 interesting things you must know about grapefruit

Before you start eating grapefruit, there are some things you should know about this delicious citrus fruit. Many people eat grapefruit to lose weight … [Continue reading]

Adorable rainbow cupcakes


Cupcakes are delicious and also the perfect dessert at any meal or a party. Add some colors and you can create adorable rainbow cupcakes that are … [Continue reading]

10 fantasy bags you are going to love


Fantasy bags are very popular so if like things that are truly special you should definitely have one! They come in many shapes, forms, designs and … [Continue reading]

Pretty gold manicures


Gold nails are simply fabulous! It's true that you can not wear them everywhere but they go great at a party like a wedding. Of course you can also … [Continue reading]