Fall and winter bold color coats

Autumn is finally here and of course the chilly weather has come. We can feel the cold especially in the morning when we are leaving for work, but also in the evening, when we come back home or we go at a meeting with our friends. So in order to keep warm and make sure we don't catch a cold, we … [Continue reading]

10 outfits for a chic autumn


This autumn you can look elegant and chic without any effort, by choosing the right clothes for your body and figure. You need to have in your wardrobe a pair of jeans, some blouses, a cardigan and a pair of shoes that are both elegant and casual. Also the right accessories can change an entire … [Continue reading]

Cool blue manicure designs and ideas

Blue is one of the most beautiful and popular color around the globe and it seems that we all want to wear it, one way or another. From clothes to … [Continue reading]

Floating candle centerpiece


A floating candle centerpiece can be used for many occasions, because is a very easy to create and also beautiful and stylish. To create a floating … [Continue reading]

What cardigan to wear according to your figure


The cardigan has become a must-have in our wardrobe, and is by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. More feminine than a leather jacket … [Continue reading]

Outfit of the Day (September 29, 2014)

Beautiful autumn fashion combination

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Maltesers sweet tree


The sweet trees are so cute and can be a great decoration for a party or a gift for a friend. They take some skill to create but they do steal the … [Continue reading]

Trendy high low skirts

The high low skirt is beautiful, fashionable and so easy to wear. You can combine it with different casual or elegant blouses and you can wear it to a … [Continue reading]

Cool hair styles for school


The clothes and the way you wear your hair at school is so important because they say a lot about you and your personality. The school is a place that … [Continue reading]

Beautiful chocolate art ideas


Who doesn't love chocolate? It's so delicious and can create dependency but did you know that there are artists that create their art from … [Continue reading]