Amazing Halloween costumes for women to wear in 2015

Halloween will be here in just a month so it’s time to choose your costume! Either you want to be a Disney character or a cute animal, this year the offer is greater then ever.
On there is special shop dedicated to Halloween costumes for women, men and kids, so we want to show you some of the most popular, beautiful and creative costumes that you can buy there.
Today we are going to start with the costumes for women and we hope that you will find one that you really like.

1.  TV & Movie Characters
If you want to look like your favorite TV & Movie character this Halloween check out these costumes:

2. Animals
Do you want to look like a cute kitty for Halloween? Here are some adorable costumes:

3. Superheroes
This Halloween you can look good while trying to save the world, wearing one of these costumes:

4. Career
Do you want to be a nurse or a lady cop? Halloween is the perfect night!

5. Disney
This Halloween choose a costume that reminds you of your favorite childhood character.

6. Decades & Period Costumes
Would you like to be Cleopatra for one night? Check out these beautiful ideas.

7. Classic costumes
Do you want to keep it classy and classic? Here are some costumes you might like:


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