The cap is the coolest accessory of this summer!

In the hot season or when it’s raining, many people wear hats or caps and this year it seems that caps have become a true fashion statement piece. Both celebrities and normal people are wearing caps with their casual or sport inspired outfits and we must say, they look great! In Hollywood, stars like Beyonce, J Lo, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Halle Berry or Rita Ora have transformed the cap into a must have and they use it to complete any outfit.

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Introduced in 1860, the cap with a logo was used to identify different baseball teams and was worn by both the players and the fans. And this is how this fashion trend has began, first conquering the men passionate by sport and then, their girlfriends. Two celebrities that really love their caps with logos are of course Beyonce and Jay-Z, who also borrow caps from one another and they look really cool.

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So this summer is you want to have a cool and trendy look, but also look amazing, wear a cap with a logo, that will tell everybody about your passions and your style. And if you want to see some very cool yet fashionable designs, check out the gallery below!

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