Creative Ideas: Engagement Gifts for Couples

So your friends just got engaged and they are throwing a big party to celebrate this event. Of course you have to give them a present but before you go gifts shopping take a moment and think about it. There are a lot of possibilities and you don’t want to buy them something that they will put away in a closet and forget about it. What to do then? Try to be as creative as you can and take in to consideration some of the personality traits of your friends.

Here are some ideas that might help you.

1. A story to remember

If your friends are always talking about where they’ve met or how romantic the proposal was, you can make a real story from their memories. Using pictures, make a beautiful movie or an album, or hire a professional cameraman to make a movie about the bride and groom, with them playing the main characters. They can show this movie at their wedding reception and everyone will be amazed.

2. A voucher for adventure

If your friends have a taste for adventure then you can always give them a pass for scuba dive or bungee jumping. Or a voucher to use to shopping, wedding items maybe, or a nice bathing suit for the honey moon.

3. A wedding planner

Keeping everything under control when you organize the wedding can be really hard, so a wedding planner could be a perfect gift for a future bride. You can make one yourself or you can buy it from a shop, and can personalize it with different tags and photos.

4. Personalized champagne glasses  

This is a very nice and considerate present that you can either buy or you can make it at home. Think about the couple and their hobbies; add little bows, flowers, write their names and a little message.

5. A present basket

A great present for a couple can be a basket filled with all kind of relaxing products. For example you can give them bath and aroma therapy products, relaxing and massage oils, a CD with relaxing music and also a mini basket with all kind of sweet or salty treats.

6. Personalized presents

If the people getting engaged are close friends of yours, a good present idea might be to personalize different objects with one of their photo. A photo can be put anywhere: a mug, a fridge magnet, a t-shirt or a cake.

7. A photo album

You can’t go wrong with a photo album! Of course they will need one for their wedding pictures, so be creative and chose a special album, which of course you can give it a more personal touch. Add some photos that you have with the couple and put some special love messages.

8. A Spa Card

Future grooms and brides can be extremely tense before the wedding. So why don’t you give them a Spa Card where they can relax together and spend some quality time as a couple before the big event?

But the most important thing is to offer your help and friendship to the future newly weds. Let them know that you will be by their side with anything they need, especially in their big wedding day!

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