Adorable M&M mugs that will make you smile

M&M characters

M&M is a very well known candy brand and people all around the globe love eating them. But it's not all about the candies! The characters that advertise them are so funny and popular that now you can find many things to buy, that have the shape … [Read more...]


Modern and elegant baby girl nurseries


Having a baby girl on the way? If you are done doing all the shopping then it's time to start working on the nursery! Here are some things that you should consider: what color should the room have. should we also paint different images on the … [Read more...]


Elegant bathroom designs and ideas


The bathroom is a very important room, where we spend a fair amount of time every day. That's why we should personalize this space after our style and personality. Today we want to show you some design ideas on how you can create an elegant … [Read more...]


Five onion types and how you should use them when cooking


There are no strict rules on how to use an onion, but there are some secrets that you can use if you want to turn this food into something delicious, because although all seem the same, some types of onions are better than others for certain recipes. … [Read more...]


Blooming baby bath

Blooming Bath Colors2

The blooming baby bath¬†is a great idea for a gift if you go to a baby shower or you have a friend that will have a baby. And of course if you are looking for a cute and soft bath tub for your baby, you could definitely buy one of these. This cute … [Read more...]


Lace wedding cakes, the perfect touch for a romantic wedding

If you are a romantic bride, than you must choose a lace wedding cake for your special day. They are not only extremely chic and beautiful, but will also be the perfect touch. Choose the color and style of lace you like and you will impress all the … [Read more...]


Fringe Purses

Colorful fringe purses

They are adorable, fashionable, full of style and personality! Yes, they are the fringe purses! Even though they look like they have just come out of a western movie, the fringe purses are very popular among women around the globe, especially because … [Read more...]


The colors of the summer


Colors transform, embellishing and customizing outfits and changing moods, so give them the importance they deserve. Before you run into the store to renew your wardrobe, find out what colors are in the trends this summer. Earth colors, bright … [Read more...]


Make Up Trends (Fall 2013)


This fall you can look fabulous by using one of these amazing make up ideas! So either you are preparing for a day at the office or going out in the club with your friends, choose the one make up that suits you best! Golden MakeUp¬† Go all the … [Read more...]