What should you drink while on a diet


We all know that while dieting you must have a lot of liquids to keep you hydrated and help you loose weight. But not all liquids are good to be drank when you keep a diet so here is a list of what is good for you. It is good to know that every … [Read more...]


Get rid of the extra pounds with the help of citrus fruits!

If all you're stuck with some extra pounds, don't become a welcoming host, but take them off quickly! And some of the biggest allies are citrus fruits. These fruits arrive on store shelves today especially from Greece, Spain or Turkey, but … [Read more...]


Basic rules for your January diet

Not accidentally January is synonymous with diet. Consequently there are some basic rules of diet in January, which we can help us lose weight, with benefits to the overall tone and health. Give up counting calories. The rule says eat slowly, … [Read more...]


The cucumber diet, a quick and effective solution


There are several variants in terms of the number of pounds that you will loose when it comes to the cucumber diet. Some promise you lose 2 kg in 2 days or 3 kg in 3 days, others even five kilograms in just 7 days. The truth is: if you follow a diet … [Read more...]


The dissociated colors diet

The dissociated colors diet was invented by Dr. Willian Howard Hay in 1911 and therefore is called the Hay diet. Dr. Hay began his medical career in 1891 and after 16 years was diagnosed with Bright's disease (causing liver damage). From that moment, … [Read more...]


Top 10 low calorie fruit


Diets in generally are very restrictive when it comes to fruit because of their high sugar content. On the other hand, fruit are a very important in a healthy everyday diet. Here is a list of the 10 fruit that have low calories. Peach: has only … [Read more...]


The one week diet


The one week diet is a combination between a fast and mono diet. The rule is to choose one food to eat in large amounts during each of the six days of the diet. In addition you can eat foods with fewer calories. That means: vegetables, especially … [Read more...]


The cucumber juice, an important ally of your health


Summer is still here and that amazing summer fruit and vegetables are everywhere! One of the most popular vegetable that you can find is the cucumber, used not only in salads but in many other delicious treats! One of these treats that is popular … [Read more...]


What to eat for breakfast if you are on a diet


If you want to get rid of some extra pounds, breakfast is a compulsory meal. It puts your metabolism up, gives you energy and helps you eat balanced throughout the day. Keep in mind these proposals and start with strength every day. Here is what to … [Read more...]


The summer vegetarian diet


The summer vegetarian diet is one of the best diet plans that you can use in the summer, including when you're on vacation. Summer vegetarian or vegan diet not only produce amazing results if you want to reduce your daily caloric intake and lose … [Read more...]