Beautiful wedding manicures


The wedding day is one of the most important day of our lives! So it must be perfect! After thinking about the ceremony, party and other details it's time to think about your dress, hair, make up and nails. Nails are a very important part as your … [Read more...]


Romantic spring wedding ideas


Spring is almost here and soon the wedding season is going to begin! If you are planning a spring wedding for 2015, than you still have some time left. Having a wedding in the spring time is a great idea because of the weather, that is neither cold … [Read more...]


Beautiful pillow cake ideas


Looking for a lavish and original cake for your wedding? Than you are going to love our idea: a pillow cake! Pillow cakes are simply beautiful and will impress all your guests. As you can see in this picture a pillow cake is a cake made from … [Read more...]


French twist hairstyles


Getting ready for a wedding or a cocktail? Either you are the bride, the host or the guest, the french twist is the perfect choice when it comes to an elegant hair style. You can make it yourself at home, there are many tutorials on the … [Read more...]


Beautiful pleated cake ideas

sequins wedding cake by Jenna Rae Cakes

Pleated cakes are beautiful, creative and very good to use at a birthday party or a wedding. You might think that pleats are very old school, but the pastry chefs have found some very interesting and eye catching ways to bring them back. Pleats are … [Read more...]


Delicious chocolate-covered strawberries


Are you looking for a quick yet very delicious dessert? Than the chocolate-covered strawberries are the answer! To make it you will need strawberries, melted chocolate and little things to decorate them like sprinkles and pearls. The … [Read more...]


Chic red prom dresses


The prom is such an important event so you want to look your best! To make sure you have the best outfit than you should start planning it at least with two months ahead. A dress is the best choice when it comes to a prom so make sure you choose a … [Read more...]


Bling corset wedding dresses

Bling corset wedding dress

Some women love to have a lot of bling especially on their wedding day! You can wear bling on your dress or on your accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces). So if you also love the bling you can buy a wedding dress that has a lot of little … [Read more...]


Beautiful rose cake designs


Roses are some of the most beautiful, delicate and elegant flower in the world. They come in many colors and are one of the many symbols of love. For many years, roses have been offered as a gift and have also been used in decorations, but also as … [Read more...]


Gorgeous long coral dresses


A long coral dress is the perfect choice for a modern woman when going to a party, a wedding or a cocktail. The color is so amazing and if you are planning to wear it in autumn, the summer tan will look even better and compliment the coral. Even … [Read more...]