Ripped jeans – how to wear them with style in any season


Jeans are one of the most popular items of clothing in the world and one of those things that will never get out of style. But over the years, designers have tried to reinvent the jeans. And today, thanks to their effort, we have many designs to … [Read more...]


Printed pants – how to wear them with style + 19 fashionable looks


In 2016 prints are very trendy and chic. And since spring is already here, it's time to check out our wardrobes and see what printed clothes we have that we can wear. Today we are going to talk about the printed pants that are perfect for any … [Read more...]


How to wear the little red dress with style


Getting ready for the Christmas or the New Year's Eve party but you still don't know what to wear? Then I have some ideas for you that I think you might like! We all have in our closets at least one little black dress, you know, that one piece that … [Read more...]


20 trendy ways to wear the boyfriend jeans this year


In the last couple of years, boyfriend jeans have become almost as popular as the skinny jeans. Every true fashionista has at least a pair of these modern jeans in their wardrobe and the best part is that you can use them as a starting point for many … [Read more...]


2015 is the year of denim


Designers have decided: 2015 is the year of denim! We can not say that this surprises us or disappoint us, since denim pieces prove their versatility all the time, helping us to design the most chic outfit, whatever the occasion! But this time, the … [Read more...]


Printed leggings are back in the trends!

Wear a pair of printed leggings!

Leggings have been around for years and even though they have been out of style for a while, they are back in the trends. Many choose a simple black pair of leggings and that's alright but if you are a more of a rebel or more of a romantic person, … [Read more...]


Wear an office suit with sneakers!


We are used to wear sneakers during sports activities, as part of sport outfits. Moreover, some of us do not even conceive to wear this kind of shoes outside the gym! But this year, some of the most popular Hollywood stars and even fashion-icons urge … [Read more...]


UGG boots, are they still in the trends?

Ugg Boots models

The were declared "the ugliest shoes" of all time! It's no wonder considering that even their name, UGG is actually an abbreviation of the word "ugly". Although the UGG boots are not by far the most feminine shoes, we can not help it to renew our … [Read more...]


“Baby loading” maternity shirt


Maternity clothing can be quite boring and simple but there some items that are fun and will make you and everyone else feel much better! They are the "baby loading" maternity shirts and t-shirts that can be purchased on line or from different … [Read more...]


One floral blouse, five amazing combinations

Floral Blouse and Jeans

We already know that floral prints are very trendy this year so we chose this really cute floral blouse and matched it with different clothing items. The result? Five amazing combinations that you can wear at the office, at shopping, at a coffee with … [Read more...]