The benefits of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is a pure, uncontaminated and manually extracted salt. It is a great alternative to regular salt because it contains many minerals. The pink color comes from its iron concentration. When iron oxidizes, salt changes color, varying … [Read more...]


Why should you drink more water every day

Drink more water!

Hydration is a key ingredient for health and must not be neglected! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise it will help you maintain your physical condition. Many people take care of this aspect only in summer, but it is important to take … [Read more...]


The amazing baby shower cap


Do you remember when you were a baby and your parents used to wash your hair and sometimes the shampoo would get into your eyes? That was such an unpleasant feeling! But now we have an amazing invention that will help you keep the shampoo out of … [Read more...]


The Water Diet


The Water Diet is one of the latest discoveries in Hollywood. It is used in Japan and other Asian countries since ancient times. Back then it was not used for weight loss, but it was a way of life. It is known that since ancient times, women from … [Read more...]


10 steps for a perfect flat tummy


If you want to have a perfect flat tummy here are 10 rules or steps you have to follow. 1. Give up with the sugar. Use natural sweeteners like Stevia. 2. Drink plenty of water because water prevents the storage of fat cells, inhibiting hunger … [Read more...]


How to get rid of excessive sweat and bad odor

If you are one of the people having problems with excessive sweat and you don’t know how to handle it, here are some interesting tips that will come in very handy. First of all, be very careful with your daily hygiene. That means shower, with water … [Read more...]