Kitchen tools that will make your life easier (part 2)


Cooking can be easy, fun and a great experience for some, but not so much for others. Getting all your ingredients ready can be time consuming and also comes with a lot of work so that's why we want to show you some great kitchen gadgets that will … [Read more...]


Energize your body with a fruit and vegetable diet!


A few days eating fruit and vegetables now, in mid-September, not only helps to detoxify the body, but gives you a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that prepare you for autumn and keep you in top form. Include in your diet fruits and … [Read more...]


Amazing fruit and vegetables sculptures


Sculptures made of fruits and vegetables have been a must have in the last few years at the parties all around the world. They are beautiful, spectacular, big and impressive. Artists use all the fruits to make amazing fruit and vegetables sculptures, … [Read more...]


The summer vegetarian diet


The summer vegetarian diet is one of the best diet plans that you can use in the summer, including when you're on vacation. Summer vegetarian or vegan diet not only produce amazing results if you want to reduce your daily caloric intake and lose … [Read more...]


180 calories vegetable salad

Garnbanzo salad 016

Vegetables are the best friends of the slim  figure, especially if you opt for low-calorie recipes. How can you prepare a delicious salad of raw vegetables, that has only 180 calories? Here's the recipe! Preparation time : 10 minutes Recipe … [Read more...]


Homemade Fruit and Vegetables Face Masks

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are ideal for the skin care. The homemade masks nourish your skin and your soul. Prepare quickly, use immediately, and the result are great. Here are some of the best masks that you can make at home using fruit and … [Read more...]