9 new ways to use your ice cube trays

Pomegranate´╗┐ ice cubes are great to flavor your ice in the summer

We all have at least one ice cube tray at home, they usually come with the fridge when you buy it, but besides making simple ice cubes for our drinks, we kind of never use it. Right? But you need to know that an ice cube tray could be more … [Read more...]


Four ways to use the leftover champagne


If you still have champagne left from the New Year's Eve party, don't worry because you can use it for other purposes. We all know that the best way to drink champagne is cold and immediately after the bottle was opened but if you couldn't drink it … [Read more...]


The benefits of mineral makeup


Increasingly more women have started using mineral makeup, which is very popular among makeup artists and celebrities, but also ordinary women.┬áThis type of makeup was first introduced in the 70's, but began to be used quite recently, only a few … [Read more...]


Aztec healing clay


Today, more and more people are complaining about having problems with their skin especially the face skin, which is even more likely to have issues because of its direct contact with the outside world. Many health and beauty products companies have … [Read more...]