The white ripped jeans are a must have in the warm season


Jeans are that one piece of clothing that you can find in any wardrobe. They are cool and comfortable and really versatile. And this spring, the white ripped jeans are the must have if you want to keep it up with the fashion. And because white … [Read more...]


Leopard print nail art (tutorial + 15 chic designs)

Leopard print nail art

Looking to try a new and very exotic print for your next manicure? Then I have a suggestion for you: leopard print nail art! It is the must have of this season and it will go great with any style. Just make sure you keep it classy and chic. There … [Read more...]


The faux bob hairtsyle (tutorial)

Faux Bob Tutorial

The faux bob hairstyle is the perfect choice if you want to shorten your hair without cutting it. According to our friends from CuteRedLips, the faux bob is one of the most trendy hairstyles of this cold season, so we thought we would tell you more … [Read more...]


DIY Foods (part 1)


There are certain recipes that you see on the internet or at the restaurant and you wish you could make them at home. But we bet you think that they are very difficult to make and you surely need many ingredients that you don't have. The reality is … [Read more...]


Coffee cup cake ideas to try at home


Looking for a special cake design for somebody who really loves drinking coffee? We suggest you try one of the adorable coffee cup cake? It will be a great surprise and you can even make more of them so that all the guests can have their own little … [Read more...]


Beautiful caviar nail manicures


Lately, the nail artists have created new manicure ideas that are trendy and easy to make at home. Today we want to show you one technique that will make your nails look like you just dipped them into candies or into caviar. This new manicure … [Read more...]


23 surprise inside cakes you must try!

Surprise inside cake

Looking for a way to surprise your loved ones? Are you a good baker? Than you are going to love the cakes that we are about to show you! Yes we are talking about the surprise inside cakes! It sounds complicated but with a little attention and good … [Read more...]


French twist hairstyle – tutorial and ideas

Romantic french twist hairstyle

When going to an event where you need to look your best, you have to take care not only of your dress, shoes and accessories but also of your hair. The hairstyle you choose in very important because it completes your look and will make you feel … [Read more...]


Fresh from the runway: the manicure trends of 2015

3D Applications

Metallic accents, negative space, 3D applications, refined¬†ombre effect and creative juxtaposition of colors: just when you thought you've seen it all in terms of nail art, manicure trends launched 2015 demonstrate that the imagination of the … [Read more...]


Creative cake pops designs


Cake pops have become the new must have at every party, wedding and baby shower! It's easy to imagine why: they are simply adorable and can be transformed in everything a pumpkin to a groom or a flower. It is a very good gift to give to your wedding … [Read more...]