Ten tips for a healthy, beautiful hair


Do you want a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair ? Here are 10 tips for beautiful hair that might just make the difference. One. Regularly use hair oil: Most celebrities with beautiful hair do. Choose between nut oil, coconut oil (for fine hair), … [Read more...]


Three remedies for tired eyes


After a sleepless night or at the end of a stressful day, the eyes are the first to suffer. Luckily, there are lots of solutions that you can use! Strawberry Mask Even though they are not always easy to find fresh you can use with confidence … [Read more...]


The makeup trick every woman should know

Make your eye makeup last more!

Here are a few beauty tricks that every woman should know, trick that are very important and will surely help you with more then one occasion. 1. How to hide the dark circles under your eyes Dark circles are extremely annoying, especially as not … [Read more...]


Five rules for having perfect lips


Low temperatures, wind, sun, cosmetic use of inappropriate products, insufficient hydration are several reasons that cause dry and red lips. Here are 5 easy rules to follow if you want to have perfect lips: Rule number 1 :Drink plenty of … [Read more...]