Cantu Shea Butter


Finding the best beauty and care products for our hair can be quite difficult, and most of the times we are disappointed by the results. So if you are looking for some natural products that repair the damaged hair and are also affordable, all you … [Read more...]


Four tips for healthy, strong nails

Drink water to have beautiful nails!

The warm season is finally here so we need to make sure that our nails are in the perfect shape! Here is a list of the most effective tricks that guarantee your nails will be strong and healthy! Drink a lot of water! No wonder doctors recommend … [Read more...]


The benefits of milk for your health and beauty


Milk  contains many nutrients that are beneficial for everyone's health. Regular consumption of milk is a medical recommendation for daily diet. You should know that in addition to health benefits, milk is an excellent aid for beauty treatments. So … [Read more...]


10 unexpected benefits of honey and lemon

ginmger tea lemon and honeynew

Both honey and lemon, are acclaimed for their extraordinary beauty and health benefits. By combining the two miracle ingredients, you double the effect and get an excellent natural remedy that boosts immune system and helps in weight loss, among many … [Read more...]


Jamaican black castor oil


Jamaican black castor oil is one of the most expensive oils, but that doesn't mean it's not very popular around the globe. Even though the Jamaican black castor oil is three times more expensive then any other vegetable oil, the annual consumption is … [Read more...]


Slap cheek disease


The slap cheek disease or the fifth disease is a mild illness that is caused by the parvovirus B19. It usualy occurs in children aged 3-15 years old (but anyone can be affected) and it's infectious. The infection period is for 4-20 days before the … [Read more...]


Salicylic acid face wash


When we hear the word "acid" we immediately think about something bad, that's burning and it's dangerous. But actually not all acids are destructive. For example the salicylic acid is quite good for our skin when used in cosmetic products like creams … [Read more...]