Outfit of the Day (October 24th, 2014)

Chic rock fashion combination

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Fireplace for living rooms


If you have a house or a flat that has a big living room than you should get a beautiful fireplace that can become the centerpiece of the room. There are modern models or some that are more traditional ones so it's up to you to choose the right one … [Read more...]


Crop top dress for any occasion

Either you go to the prom or to a simple party with your friends, crop top dresses are always a good choice. Especially if you have a fit body and a slim waist to show off. The crop top dress is made of two parts, a crop top and a skirt and the … [Read more...]


Peasant tops for modern women


In every culture there are specific clothing items that represent it. From tops to dresses and even shoes, it seems that this kinds of clothing have gain more and more popularity. The best part is that you can wear something that represents not only … [Read more...]


Diaphanous summer tops


In the summer the weather can be really hot and that's why we need different clothing items that will be both suited for the weather and for our style. We usually wear t-shirts and blouses but here is another great option: the tops. Choose the one … [Read more...]


Sleeveless Turtleneck


The sleeveless turtleneck clothing is back in the fashion! Either you choose a blouse, a top, a dress they are all not only form fitting but also very comfortable and easy to wear and match. Any look will be complete with a sleeveless turtleneck … [Read more...]