Tomato tart recipe


Tomato tart is a delight, is a salty cake. It's great for dinner or for the lunch bags to take at work, and is just as hot or cold. Ingredients for the dough:   200 grams of butter   400 grams of flour   100 grams of Parmesan cheese   1 … [Read more...]


Winter tomato soup recipe


This tomato soup recipe is a royal gourmet that you can cook at home. The taste, aroma, flavor and the appearance make this soup suitable for a master-chef competition, or for a luxury restaurant. The ingredients are not among the ordinary but all … [Read more...]


10 fruits ideal for your diet


Fruits contain sugar (even if it is natural sugar), some of them in an appreciable amount so they are not the best choice when you want to keep your silhouette. On the other hand there are at least 10 fruits ( that you can always have on hand, … [Read more...]