20 beautiful manicure ideas for almond acrylic nails


Almond acrylic nails are so much beautiful and more elegant than the white ones. You can create chic manicures like the French one by simply adding some color to the tips and a transparent coat and there you go, you have flawless nails in no … [Read more...]


Amazing black matte manicures with special effects


Matte nail polish is a very good choice if you want your nails to look amazing, during the day and the night time. With the help of the matte nail polish you can create special manicure designs, and you will receive many compliments. And if you are … [Read more...]


Seven tips for making your lipstick resist longer on your lips


If you want to keep your lipstick more time on your lips, here are a few simple yet effective tips that you can use. 1. Exfoliate your lips Like the rest of the body your lips need regular exfoliation. When dead cells are removed, you will notice … [Read more...]


Ten tips for a healthy, beautiful hair


Do you want a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair ? Here are 10 tips for beautiful hair that might just make the difference. One. Regularly use hair oil: Most celebrities with beautiful hair do. Choose between nut oil, coconut oil (for fine hair), … [Read more...]


Blue Manicure Designs


If you like the color blue, then you are going to love these amazing blue inspired manicures! You can use a simple blue nail polish or combine it with other beautiful complementary colors like white, orange, pink or orange. Also, blue can be used in … [Read more...]


10 steps for a perfect flat tummy


If you want to have a perfect flat tummy here are 10 rules or steps you have to follow. 1. Give up with the sugar. Use natural sweeteners like Stevia. 2. Drink plenty of water because water prevents the storage of fat cells, inhibiting hunger … [Read more...]


The honey diet

Honey consists of a combination of natural sugars which can trigger metabolic changes that neutralize cravings for sweets. Replacing  sugar with honey  during the day and adding a teaspoon of honey in a hot drink before bed neutralizes brain … [Read more...]


Ten sexy combinations for the Christmas party

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This year you have to look amazing for the Christmas party. Choose clothes that represent you and accessorize them with some nice high heels stilettos and a designer bag! We picked 10 amazing sexy combinations for you! Let us know which one is your … [Read more...]


Makeup Tutorial of the Day (November 26, 2013)


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Colorful outfits that you can wear at the office


If you are working in an office where you are required to wear a certain type of outfit, then you must know that there are some clothing items that you must have in your wardrobe. So if you want to look elegant and stylish then you need a pair of … [Read more...]