4 ways to wear wedge sandals this summer


In the summer time, when the weather is hot, we need comfortable shoes that will also make our feet look amazing. The wedge sandals are a great choice, especially if you want some shoes that will make you look taller, without having to worry to much. … [Read more...]


4 trendy vests you should wear this summer


In the last years, the vest has become a true must have piece. You can wear it in the cold season, to make your outfit more interesting and in the hot season, to add a touch of chic to your daily look. So there is no wonder, that in 2015, vests are … [Read more...]


The cap is the coolest accessory of this summer!


In the hot season or when it's raining, many people wear hats or caps and this year it seems that caps have become a true fashion statement piece. Both celebrities and normal people are wearing caps with their casual or sport inspired outfits and we … [Read more...]


Five clothing items you must wear this summer


There are just a few weeks left and we can finally enjoy summer! So are you ready? The first thing you need to do is check your wardrobe to see if your summer clothes still fit you and the trends. And you want to know which are the must haves of … [Read more...]


Five ways to wear the prewashed jeans

Ready for the summer!

Extensively appreciated and reused, jeans have a history of over 100 years in which successive generations have included in their wardrobe. In 1850 when he was just a merchant, Levi Strauss finds this revolutionary material of cotton and that … [Read more...]