Chic striped manicures to wear this summer


Since stripes are so trendy in 2015, we suggest you try to wear them also on your nails. You can create some amazing manicures by using stripes because you can make various combinations. Just pick your favorite colors and combine them on your nails. … [Read more...]


Smart striped living room ideas and designs


When decorating your home you have to think about the things you like, your style and your personality. And if you are a fun person, who doesn't like anything that is plain and simple, than you should choose a print, like the stripes. Stripes can … [Read more...]


How to create a navy style outfit

Navy shirts and t-shirts

Summer is still in full swing and what better to wear in the summer if not the very trendy and cute striped clothing. You can find stripes everywhere: on the shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, bags and accessories so why not try the navy style … [Read more...]


Stripes, always in fashion!

Wear your striped jacket with style!

Stripes are always in fashion, but more so in summer when we go on vacation thinking about sunny sunny beaches. The sea and the stripes go hand in hand, so don't shy away from wearing striped clothing items. Here are just a few of the striped clothes … [Read more...]