Sneakers in winter? Here’s how to wear them!


If the weather is not too cold in the area where you live, then today I want to show you some great ideas on how you can wear you favorite sneakers even in the winter time. Sneakers are so easy to wear and match to your favorite clothes but make … [Read more...]


Give your shoes a makeover with the help of these creative projects


If you have an old pair of shoes or you just bought a new pair that is far to simple for your taste, why don't you try to give it a new look? All you need is some fabric paint and a lot of imagination. The best shoes to work with are the sneakers, … [Read more...]


Rainbow Converse All Stars


Converse sneakers are some of the most popular sport shoes around the globe. Everybody loves them as they come in many sizes, shapes, colors and designs and it's practically impossible you don't find a pair that you are going to like. And since in … [Read more...]


10 cute Converse fashion combinations for women


Converse sneakers are some of the most popular sport shoes all around the globe. Women, men and kids wear them all the time, not only because they are comfortable but also look great in many fashion combinations. The best part about the converse … [Read more...]


Buy the Look (4) – Navy summer


Loose fit t shirt €12 - Oversized jean jacket €22 - Vineyard Vines embroidered shorts €74 - Tommy hilfiger sneaker €55 - Diesel pu backpack €140 - Stackers … [Read more...]


Buy The Look (7) – Soft Pink


White top €9,38 - Big star jeans €91 - Kate Spade wallet €115 - Nail treatment €8,71 - … [Read more...]


Trendy pastel sneakers for women


Some might say that a pair of pastel sneakers are just right for a little girl but we disagree! You are never to old to wear pastel and the colors are so beautiful! And because spring is approaching fast, we should all go buy a pair to have in our … [Read more...]


Wear an office suit with sneakers!


We are used to wear sneakers during sports activities, as part of sport outfits. Moreover, some of us do not even conceive to wear this kind of shoes outside the gym! But this year, some of the most popular Hollywood stars and even fashion-icons urge … [Read more...]


Silver sneakers, cute models and fashion combinations

Silver sneakers go great in a casual outfit!

In 2015 there are many new trends that you must try! Metallic is still very trendy so why not buy a pair of silver sneakers! They are so cool and beautiful and you can wear them with a casual outfit to school, at shopping or at a getaway with your … [Read more...]


Five must have shoes to wear this winter


Even if we are in full cold season does not mean that we must "team" only with rubber boots that protect us from the rain and the snow that seriously threatened us since October. Models  in stores shoes are so varied, that it would be a shame to … [Read more...]