20 chic ways to wear a suede skirt

Until some time ago, suede fabric was used to make shoes, but today you can buy a lot of things made from this delicate material. But there is one clothing item in particular that has captured the hearts of the true fashionistas all around the world: … [Read more...]


16 fancy ways to wear a leather skirt


The leather skirt is one piece of clothing that not all women would like to have in their closet. And that's because it's rebellious, elegant, fancy and different and it seems to represent the personality of only some women. But the truth is, that we … [Read more...]


6 leather jackets that you must wear this spring

Biker leather jacket

After all these years, leather jackets remain trendy and we see them over and over again in the fashion shows all around the world. And since the weather outside is changing, a leather jacket will not only keep you warm but will also give you a … [Read more...]


Spring denim check list: 5 items you must have!

Denim shirt fashion combination

Denim is the most popular fabric of this season so we want to show you 5 clothing items that you should most definitely wear in 2015! Don't be afraid to wear new things that you haven't tried before, because denim looks amazing in so many fashion … [Read more...]


Fashion concepts inspired by the Ancient Egypt


The ancient Egypt still inspires designers and stylists to create beautiful and charming clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and even haircuts and makeups. The beauty of these times fascinate us still and we all want to feel special like queen … [Read more...]


2015 is the year of denim


Designers have decided: 2015 is the year of denim! We can not say that this surprises us or disappoint us, since denim pieces prove their versatility all the time, helping us to design the most chic outfit, whatever the occasion! But this time, the … [Read more...]


The pencil skirt, a must have in 2015

Pencil skirt + crop tops

Pencil skirt is a popular clothing item, becoming in time a piece of resistance in every woman's wardrobe. It can be successfully integrated in a variety of outfits, so all you have to do is to prepare your fashion arsenal. However, to be … [Read more...]


Crop top dress for any occasion

Either you go to the prom or to a simple party with your friends, crop top dresses are always a good choice. Especially if you have a fit body and a slim waist to show off. The crop top dress is made of two parts, a crop top and a skirt and the … [Read more...]


Trendy high low skirts

The high low skirt is beautiful, fashionable and so easy to wear. You can combine it with different casual or elegant blouses and you can wear it to a casual meeting with your friends, or even at work if the dress code allows it. Most of the high … [Read more...]


10 beautiful denim combinations

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We chose for you 10 beautiful combination  that you can wear at any occasion. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments link below. … [Read more...]