Baby shower diaper cake ideas


Planning a baby shower for you baby or you are invited to one? Here is a great idea for a gift: a baby shower diaper cake! It's so easy to make and it will be not a very cute gift but also a very practical one. So here is what you need: diapers, … [Read more...]


Baby shower cakes for brother and sister twins


If you are having twins, boy and girl, than everything must be done in double. From the clothes to the furniture to strollers. So when you are organizing a shower for you babies, ┬ámake sure you will also have two cakes to celebrate them both. You … [Read more...]


Creative cake pops designs


Cake pops have become the new must have at every party, wedding and baby shower! It's easy to imagine why: they are simply adorable and can be transformed in everything a pumpkin to a groom or a flower. It is a very good gift to give to your wedding … [Read more...]


Adorable Baby in Bath Cake


If you have a baby shower or a baby anniversary, one of the most important details is the cake! Everybody wants to eat a delicious and fresh cake but also you must make sure that the cake itself is a a good representation of the event. Some of the … [Read more...]


Baby Shower Diaper Bag Cake


Baby showers are a great way to show your support to the new mommy and her baby. It's a time of joy and happiness, where the future mother can meet with her friends and relatives and just have a great time. There are many themes that you can use … [Read more...]


12 beautiful leopard cake designs

Leopard Cake # 5

Animal print is so fashionable and popular so if you are one of those how can't get enough of it, then you might as well use also in you cooking! Birthday cakes are the perfect opportunity to incorporate your passion for animal print by making … [Read more...]