19 modern bob hairstyles to try in 2016


In 2016, one of the trendiest haircuts is the bob. Actually this sleek hairstyles has been the favorite of many women for many, many years now, so it's no wonder that the bob is still very popular. Over the last years, hairstylists have used their … [Read more...]


Beautiful lace dresses for spring and summer


In the spring and the summer we suggest you wear a beautiful lace dress, that emphasizes your femininity and your style. A short or medium lace dress is the best way to show not only your body but also your elegant side. You can wear it with high … [Read more...]


Black and white striped dresses

This spring you will look amazing in a black and white striped dress. Not only they are so adorable and easy to match and wear, but will also give you a very fresh and trendy air. Depending on the length, you can wear a black and white striped dress … [Read more...]


18 beautiful hairstyles by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is a true fashion icon, and girls and women all around the globe follow her every move when it comes to her look. Over the years we saw her go through many changes, including her fashion style and her look. When she first started … [Read more...]


Knitted blouses, trendy and stylish!

Knitted Blouses are cool!

Knitted blouses fit very well on the body and highlight certain part of it. Not only they are a must in winter, but both fall and early spring, when outside is neither too hot nor too cold. Here's how to wear the knitted blouse in different types of … [Read more...]


Stylish short wedding dresses


The season of weddings is here so if you are having an autumn wedding you might consider buying a short wedding dress, especially if the weather outside is still warm. Many brides don't buy a short wedding dress because they think it is too … [Read more...]


Party dresses for every style


Every time we go to a party on another important event, the first thing that comes to our mind is what to wear. Sometimes we pick the first thing that we find in our closet and sometimes we look for weeks that perfect outfit. A dress is usually the … [Read more...]


Diaphanous summer tops


In the summer the weather can be really hot and that's why we need different clothing items that will be both suited for the weather and for our style. We usually wear t-shirts and blouses but here is another great option: the tops. Choose the one … [Read more...]


12 amazing haircuts for women over 40

We all know that beauty comes first from the inside. A beautiful mind, soul and heart will show on our face. Age is also just a number, so we are basically the ones who decide how we want to look and feel at one point in our life. Taking care of our … [Read more...]


Hair Style Tutorial of the Day (October 21, 2013)


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