Wear a scarf around your head, pinup style!


Pin up girls have always been appreciated for their beauty and their style. And today, more than ever, the pin up girls are a model for many women around the globe. We showed you 10 beautiful pinup makeup ideas but now we want to show you another … [Read more...]


5 hair accessories you must wear in 2015!

Classic hair accessories

We already know which are the trends for 2015 when it comes to clothing and shoes. We still wear leather jackets, boyfriend jeans and lace tops. And when it comes to shoes we know that this year we can't go wrong no matter what we choose, high heels … [Read more...]


How to wear a scarf in 2015


The scarf has been worn for more than 2000 years. It was in vogue at the Egyptian, Chinese and Roman Empire. From then until now, it has been used in many ways, that can serve as valuable sources of inspiration for current outfits. Nefertiti … [Read more...]


10 outfits for a chic autumn


This autumn you can look elegant and chic without any effort, by choosing the right clothes for your body and figure. You need to have in your wardrobe a pair of jeans, some blouses, a cardigan and a pair of shoes that are both elegant and … [Read more...]


Essential accessories for women

Women use the accessories to give them charm and emphasize their personality. This is exactly the effect that these essential accessories for women produce, they put you in a good light if you know how to use them at the right time. These essential … [Read more...]


Beautiful floral accessories

Floral Beauty

One of the most important things that we must remember when putting together an outfit are the accessories. When choosing your accessories you must make sure they fit with not only your style and personality, but also to the other items from your … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (December 18, 2013)


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Outfit of the Day (October 7, 2013)


For this Monday, we chose an outfit that you can wear at work, at school or going out with your friends for a coffee. It has all the beautiful autumn colors, that will make you look trendy and elegant. … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (October 1st, 2013)


Today we chose for you a very feminine and fresh outfit that you can wear both at work or at a shopping spree with your friends. Don't forget about the accessories because a well chosen accessory can turn your outfit from a regular one to a fantastic … [Read more...]