19 retro dining room designs that you must see


In the last years, the retro trend has become really popular and could be seen in many area from fashion to furniture. And when it comes to interior design, you can also use this trend to create beautiful, cool rooms. That's why today I want to show … [Read more...]


Super cool bedroom designs for boys


Creating the perfect room for your little boy might seem difficult but with a little bit of imagination, you can put together a space that you kid will love. First of all you should choose the theme of the room and the colors. Just ask your boy … [Read more...]


How to keep your baby’s closet organized


Keeping our rooms and closets organized can be a little bit of a problem especially if you have many clothes and shoes and accessories. But how about when it comes to your baby's room? Babies do have a lot of clothes and accessories so is good to … [Read more...]


Cute jungle wall art for kids rooms


The jungle design is a great way to transform your kids room from an ordinary one to a fun filled one. Not only the walls be nice and colorful, but your kids will learn all the animals from the jungle in no time. So how can you create a fun and … [Read more...]


Rooms for triplets – creative ideas and designs


Having one child can be pretty difficult but how about having three? Triplets bring a lot of happiness but also a lot of little problems especially if the space in your home is very small and you have to find a way to fit them all. You can ask an … [Read more...]


Cozy living room designs


The living room is the place where we spend a lot of out time, alone or with our family, watching TV, playing games or reading. That's why the living room should be a very cozy and warm place. Creating a cozy living room can be very easy especially … [Read more...]


Fireplace for living rooms


If you have a house or a flat that has a big living room than you should get a beautiful fireplace that can become the centerpiece of the room. There are modern models or some that are more traditional ones so it's up to you to choose the right one … [Read more...]


Colorful bathrooms for every taste


The bathroom is the place where we spend a fair amount of time, so decorating it with things that reflect our personality is very important. A colorful bathroom says a lot about you, like the fact that you love colors, you are a happy and optimistic … [Read more...]


Colorful living room ideas


If your personality is happy and bubbly than your house should reflect that too. A colorful house is a house full of joy and laughter, and there are so many ways you can bring color into your home. From the walls to the furniture and the … [Read more...]


Zebra living rooms

If you are a more extravagant and you want everything around you to say that, than a zebra living room might just do the trick! There are smaller or bigger details that you can use to decorate your living room, like pillows, rugs and art pieces for … [Read more...]