18 DIY outdoor and indoor sofas made from old pallets


Pallets have become some of the best things you can recycle as there are so many things that you can create with their help. If you are a handy person, you can make your own furniture from some old pallets and some nails. The best part is that you … [Read more...]


Creative and low budget DIY garden pots ideas


Garden decorations can be very expensive so why don't you just make some yourself? All you need are some old recycled materials and objects and lot of imagination. For example, if your old flower potsĀ are broken, don't throw them away. Here is a … [Read more...]


Recycled paper projects that you can try at home


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Amazing recycled tire ideas


Old tires can be such a problem if you need to get rid of them! But with just a little inspiration and imagination, you could recycle your old tires and transform them in some very nice accessories for your garden or even create a playground for the … [Read more...]