Three delicious pasta recipes that are ready in no time!


Here are 3 pasta recipes that are not only very easy to make, but they are also ready in no time! Which one would you like to try? 1. Tagliatelle with salmon and pomegranate The ingredients are: 250 g tagliatelle, 150 g smoked salmon 1 … [Read more...]


DIY Foods (part 1)


There are certain recipes that you see on the internet or at the restaurant and you wish you could make them at home. But we bet you think that they are very difficult to make and you surely need many ingredients that you don't have. The reality is … [Read more...]


One can of corn, four amazing recipes

An ear of corn isolated on a white background

We usually use the canned corn for salads, but here are 4 great recipes that are made with the help of this ingredient. Which one would you like to try? 1.┬áSpicy stew The ingredients are: 3 tablespoons of canned corn 500 g minced meat … [Read more...]