Cute, creative and colorful manicures to try this spring


We all have some colors that are our favorites and we wear them on our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! But what if we like more than one color and we want to wear them all? Well then, the only place on your body we suggest you do that, are … [Read more...]


Rainbow Converse All Stars


Converse sneakers are some of the most popular sport shoes around the globe. Everybody loves them as they come in many sizes, shapes, colors and designs and it's practically impossible you don't find a pair that you are going to like. And since in … [Read more...]


Colorful hairstyles for a colorful spring


If you are young and you are looking for a new hairstyle to try in 2015, we suggest you go for a more interesting, trendy and fresh one. The color you choose is also very important, because it will say a lot about your style and your personality. … [Read more...]


Beautiful pleated cake ideas

sequins wedding cake by Jenna Rae Cakes

Pleated cakes are beautiful, creative and very good to use at a birthday party or a wedding. You might think that pleats are very old school, but the pastry chefs have found some very interesting and eye catching ways to bring them back. Pleats are … [Read more...]


Adorable rainbow cupcakes


Cupcakes are delicious and also the perfect dessert at any meal or a party. Add some colors and you can create adorable rainbow cupcakes that are perfect for a rainbow themed birthday party or a baby shower. To create a rainbow cupcake you can use … [Read more...]


Rainbow nail designs


Rainbow nails are simply adorable and will attract all eyes! You can combine whatever colors you want and like and make beautiful designs on you nails. Also you can make a marble design (you can find the tutorial of the technique on the internet). … [Read more...]


The beautiful Osiria Rose


Osiria Roses are the delight of any garden and gardener. They are hybrid flower made from crossing two other flowers so they exhibit qualities from both of the plants that created it.   They are well formed and have large, … [Read more...]


Colorful makeup ideas

Sexy Makeup Idea

The colors make our lives happier and prettier! So let's just not wear them on our clothes but also in our makeup. This season the vibrant colors are very appreciated when it comes to the makeup and we see more and more extravagant ideas from the … [Read more...]