Leopard print outfit ideas to try in 2016


Animal print is still very trendy so you will not be wrong in wearing it in 2016 too. One of the most popular animal prints is of course the leopard print, that goes great on anything from clothes, to shoes or accessories. The one rule that you … [Read more...]


Leopard print nail art (tutorial + 15 chic designs)

Leopard print nail art

Looking to try a new and very exotic print for your next manicure? Then I have a suggestion for you: leopard print nail art! It is the must have of this season and it will go great with any style. Just make sure you keep it classy and chic. There … [Read more...]


10 beautiful accessories to wear with your little black dress

The perfect accessories for the little black dress

The little black dress is among the clothes that will not go out of style. Although it gives the impression that it is a simple, monotonous dress, which doesn't stand out, there are some tricks of style that transforms it into an instant fashion … [Read more...]


Amazing brown nail art


This autumn let's go back to the roots and embrace the nature and the beautiful colors that she gives us. Brown is the color of the earth and of the trees so we can not be closer to the nature, than by wearing this color everywhere we go. For today … [Read more...]


Leopard print style


Animal print is so hot this year that you must have at least one clothing object or accessory in this style. One of our favorite animal prints is the leopard print because it goes great in so many combinations. Also it looks great on your nails, … [Read more...]


12 beautiful leopard cake designs

Leopard Cake # 5

Animal print is so fashionable and popular so if you are one of those how can't get enough of it, then you might as well use also in you cooking! Birthday cakes are the perfect opportunity to incorporate your passion for animal print by making … [Read more...]


Beautiful floral accessories

Floral Beauty

One of the most important things that we must remember when putting together an outfit are the accessories.¬†When choosing your accessories you must make sure they fit with not only your style and personality, but also to the other items from your … [Read more...]