Curry, the wizard ingredient you should have in your kitchen

Curry ingredients

Curry gets its name from kari that in Tamil, means sauce for rice. The curry ┬áthat we know it is a mixture invented by British settlers in India to have ready a spice that resembles the taste and aroma of their spices. Curry powder is often used … [Read more...]


The many benefits of the cinnamon

The cinnamon is great for your health!

Cinnamon was the star of the holiday table in the Middle Ages: it fragrance the wine goblets, ennoble the sweet sauces and offers a tantalizing taste to any steak. And it is also known for the excellent antibacterial properties. Here are some other … [Read more...]


DIY: Velour nails


Manicure has come a long way and now has become something more than just nail polish applied on our nails. Manicure is art. And just like art, it can be represented in many forms and shapes, by using different materials and accessories. The velour … [Read more...]