Metallic nails – you must try them!


If you are looking for something special to try on your nails, than the metallic accents are perfect for you. We already know that the metallic is a big thing in the fashion this year, so we can easily wear it on our nails, just as well as we can … [Read more...]


DIY: Velour nails


Manicure has come a long way and now has become something more than just nail polish applied on our nails. Manicure is art. And just like art, it can be represented in many forms and shapes, by using different materials and accessories. The velour … [Read more...]


Matte nail polish designs

Matte and shinny nail polish tutorial

Matte nail polish is a great choice if you don't like that shinny look on you nails that you get from a normal nail polish. Like a normal nail polish, that matte one comes in a great variety of colors that will fit with your style and … [Read more...]


Gwen Stefani by OPI – try it, wear it, love it!

Opi paired up with Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is one of the most acclaimed international artists who managed to perfectly combine her career with her personal life. Because she is a role model for women around the world, the best known brand of nail polish, OPI, decided to launch a … [Read more...]


Trendy mint nail art ideas

Colorful manicure idea

This summer if you want to look and feel fresh then you should rely on the mint nail polish. It is one of the most popular colors of this season so why not take advantage and choose a bright and trendy manicure that will make you stand out. You can … [Read more...]


What does the color of your nail polish say about you


All women love to go to the beauty salon and get a pretty manicure but what does the color that you choose to paint on you nail says about you and your personality? If you want to find out just read this article! Hot pink: Women who wear this … [Read more...]


Fall 2013 Nail Polish Trends

Beautiful nails can make your everyday outfit even more attractive. It is very important to take care of your nails but also to choose a manicure according to the trends. This autumn you have so many options, either you choose a simple monochromatic … [Read more...]