15 hot pink manicure ideas for a hot summer day


Since there is still a month left of the summer of 2016, now it's time to be more bold and more chic then ever. August is the perfect month to get your tan and wear those clothes you always dream of. Go to the seaside and show off your body that you … [Read more...]


How to match you nail polish and your lipstick


Matching your nails and your lipstick can be a little hard but the effect is amazing! You can already find on the internet many tutorials and pictures that will teach you how you can achieve the perfect combinations, but actually it's all an try and … [Read more...]


Hello Kitty Nail Art


Nail art has exploded in the last years, and the artist are so creative and talented! They can make anything and everything and they can transform your nails from simply boring to really amazing with just some nail polish! If you are a big admirer … [Read more...]


Candy cane manicure designs


Christmas is almost here so we have to prepare not only our house to welcome it but also our body! You can make our hair beautiful and shinny with an olive oil an egg mask and relax with the help of some natural body oils. If you want to look your … [Read more...]


Mirrored nail designs


Metallic is such a popular trend and in the last years many women have embraced it. From metallic clothes to accessories to nails and shoes, they all have a special place in our wardrobe. The mirrored nails are a great use of metallic colors. And … [Read more...]


Beautiful and immaculate Chanel nail polish


Chanel is such a popular brand and women all around the globe use their products on a daily basis. Of course when you say Chanel you think about elegance, style and beauty and that's they way a woman has to be everyday. The Chanel nail polish is … [Read more...]


Pretty gold manicures


Gold nails are simply fabulous! It's true that you can not wear them everywhere but they go great at a party like a wedding. Of course you can also wear them at a get away with your friends or at the office if the dress code allows it. You can add … [Read more...]


Cool blue manicure designs and ideas

Blue is one of the most beautiful and popular color around the globe and it seems that we all want to wear it, one way or another. From clothes to shoes to bags to manicures and pedicures, blue is a very great part of our fashion and our style. So … [Read more...]


Ten trendy toe nail designs


When we say nails, we automatically think about the nails on our hands but let't not forget about the ones on our toes. Juts like the ones on our hands, the nails on our toes need a special treatment so they will always look healthy, clean and … [Read more...]


Amazing brown nail art


This autumn let's go back to the roots and embrace the nature and the beautiful colors that she gives us. Brown is the color of the earth and of the trees so we can not be closer to the nature, than by wearing this color everywhere we go. For today … [Read more...]