Natural bathroom designs and ideas


Bathroom designs have become very intricate but if you don't like a room that is heavily decorated and very colorful, than you could choose a decorating concept that is called the natural bathroom. Of course, when you think about things that are … [Read more...]


17 vintage kitchen designs perfect for your home!


The kitchen is one of the most important and special places in our homes. We cook, eat and spend time with our loved ones and our friends in the kitchen and that's why it should reflect our style and our personality. We already showed you some … [Read more...]


DIY Foods (part 1)


There are certain recipes that you see on the internet or at the restaurant and you wish you could make them at home. But we bet you think that they are very difficult to make and you surely need many ingredients that you don't have. The reality is … [Read more...]


Kitchen window seat ideas and designs


If you have a large window in your kitchen and you want to create a beautiful and unique space for you or your family, than you should try a window seat. They are so easy to create, all you need is to find the perfect space and think about the … [Read more...]


Classy black and white bedroom ideas and designs


Do you want to create a special yet classy bedroom where you can spend time with your loved ones and feel amazing? Than we suggest you try a black and white design. Black and white has been such a beautiful and classic combination so why not use … [Read more...]


Sit, read and relax in your own cozy nook


Either you live in a house or an apartment you should have a cozy nook where to spend your time reading, having a cup of tea, daydreaming. All you need is a place near a window where you can put some pillows and create your own little cozy … [Read more...]


Alternative Christmas tree ideas


One of the modern trends when it comes to winter decoration for your home is to create them yourself. Even though you might think that you don't have talent, creating decorations for you home from recycled materials is actually very easy, considering … [Read more...]


Christmas gingerbread trees


Are you looking for a family activity that is both fun and handy? Than you should try making Christmas gingerbread trees that you can use as gifts for your loved one or decorations for your home and even for the real Christmas tree! They are very … [Read more...]


Celebrate Christmas with a Pretzel Cabin

decorated pretzel cabin barn & doghouse

Do you know how every year we make adorable decorated houses using biscuits and candies? Well how about this year we choose a more traditional house and we create a cabin using pretzels! Pretzels are so good and tasty and they look like the logs … [Read more...]


Chanel bag cake ideas and designs


A birthday cake is a very important part of the birthday party. And us women we love our cake to be beautiful and fashion related. A ┬áChanel bag cake might be the perfect solution for a birthday cake especially is the "birthday girl" loves expensive … [Read more...]