Three delicious pasta recipes that are ready in no time!


Here are 3 pasta recipes that are not only very easy to make, but they are also ready in no time! Which one would you like to try? 1. Tagliatelle with salmon and pomegranate The ingredients are: 250 g tagliatelle, 150 g smoked salmon 1 … [Read more...]


How to choose the best sauce for your pasta


Pasta! We all love them! They are delicious and easy to cook, and with the right sauce they became the perfect dinner for all the family. And because there are so many types of pasta, it's very important to know what is the right sauce for every … [Read more...]


Zucchini and ham pasta


Here is a delicious recipe that you must try: zucchini and ham pasta! Ingredients: 300 g of pasta 1 zucchini 200-300 g ham 10-12 cherry tomatoes 1-2 cloves of garlic 1-2 mushrooms oregano olive oil salt pepper Method: 1.Cook the … [Read more...]


Penne with pesto sauce and tomatoes


Looking for a quick and delicious recipe for you and your family? Here is something that you should try: penne with pesto sauce and tomatoes. The ingredients are: 300 g penne 2 small tomatoes  (200 g cherry tomatoes) for the pesto … [Read more...]


Pasta with broccoli and orange juice (recipe)


Here is a great vegetarian and healthy recipe that you can make in no time: pasta with broccoli and orange juice! Not only is very delicious but is a great way to make your kids eat their veggies! The ingredients are: 350 grams of pasta … [Read more...]


12 modern pasta drainers

Everybody loves pasta! And how could we not love them when they are so delicious! Today, we have so many pasta types that we can't even say which one is our favorite, and that is a good thing! When  it comes to cooking the pasta, of course, we all … [Read more...]


Delicious pasta and tuna salad


Here is a great pasta and tuna salad that you can serve to all your family, including kids, because it's 100% natural and delicious. To make this salad you will need: 250 g pasta tuna in brine canned corn olives 1/2 green pepper 1 … [Read more...]