6 leather jackets that you must wear this spring

Biker leather jacket

After all these years, leather jackets remain trendy and we see them over and over again in the fashion shows all around the world. And since the weather outside is changing, a leather jacket will not only keep you warm but will also give you a … [Read more...]


Why should you buy a leather bag


The bag is the first accessory that a woman thinks about. Not only it has to be beautiful but also has to fit with the shoes. A purse completes an outfit, and is very significant for the aesthetic of a fashionista who wants to get noticed in her … [Read more...]


Three bags you should wear in the winter


It is time to adapt our wardrobe to new weather conditions. Snow and very low temperatures make us go for the  comfortable boots, thick sweaters, jackets, scarves and hats. But what about the bag , an essential accessory without any outfit would be … [Read more...]


Trendy outfits for a trendy winter

Smart casual @ the office

Winter is here so we must make sure our wardrobe is ready for the cold weather. Although you took care to renew your wardrobe with specific key pieces this time of year, you must learn how to combine clothes so that you get the most surprising winter … [Read more...]


What sweaters to wear this winter

Sweaters are cool and trendy!

Americans call this time of year, "sweater weather". The cold has made us to quickly change our wardrobe and start wearing one of  hottest piece of clothing possible: the sweater, which is one of the most versatile items, that every year manages to … [Read more...]


What cardigan to wear according to your figure


The cardigan has become a must-have in our wardrobe, and is by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. More feminine than a leather jacket and more casual than jeans jacket, the cardigan never disappoints when it comes to the composition of … [Read more...]


Oversized blouses for chic and trendy outfits


Every woman needs in her wardrobe at least one large blouse. Perfect for a casual and easy outfit, also completing an elegant one, XXL shirts are extremely practical and advantageous for any type of figure. Loose or sport, in neutral shades or as … [Read more...]


6 day dresses you must have in your wardrobe


The day dress is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of clothing. No woman should miss from her wardrobe at least one day dress that suits her silhouette and  that worn with matching accessories is an ideal outfit that guarantees you enough … [Read more...]


The Denim Jacket that Fits Your Body Type

The Denim Jacket is versatile and comfortable and it is a piece of clothing that must be found in every woman's closet , as well as the jeans. The most important thing when it comes to clothes and image is to dress according to your body type. If you … [Read more...]