Printed pants – how to wear them with style + 19 fashionable looks


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20 office outfits that you can wear this winter


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Buy this look (9) – Ready for the office


  Brown shirt €13 - Sweater coat €27 - LE3NO plus size pants €22 - Cynthia Vincent leather boots €285 - Orla Kiely shoulder … [Read more...]


12 bun with headband hairstyles to wear at work


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7 ways to wear acid washed jeans in 2015

Faded jeans in a casual outfit

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How to wear a white blouse in 2015

White t-shirt and torn jeans fashion combination

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Beautiful high heel sandals you should wear this summer


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Beautiful nude manicures to wear at the office

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How to wear a white shirt in 2015

Wear it in a feminine outfit

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11 clever DIY decoration ideas for your home

What to do with an old frame

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