Four tips for healthy, strong nails

Drink water to have beautiful nails!

The warm season is finally here so we need to make sure that our nails are in the perfect shape! Here is a list of the most effective tricks that guarantee your nails will be strong and healthy! Drink a lot of water! No wonder doctors recommend … [Read more...]


Healthy alternatives to your morning coffee


Coffee is beneficial when consumed in moderation. But if you want to replace the coffee with something else, here are some natural alternatives that you can choose from. Green Tea. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee. It is … [Read more...]


Redecorating your bathroom? Here are the main trends of 2015!

Natural beauty

If you want to make a change in your home, but you do not know where to start, how about renovating your bathroom? This year the designers suggest various options for decorating. Here are some suggestions. Pavers or mosaic Since last year, … [Read more...]


Homemade shampoo recipe, ready in 5 minutes


Homemade cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, as more people understand how harmful are the chemicals found in the products on the market. The truth is that it's not complicated to make, for example, a face cream, lip balm or a homemade body … [Read more...]


Winter beauty guide


In winter, you can fight the cold with proper care. Hydration is the key, so take time to pamper every part of your body! Health for your hair Your hair can regain its radiance, if you apply once a week a repairing mask prepared from a banana, … [Read more...]


Three amazing and simple home made recipes for white teeth


When you hear about coconut oil, strawberries and bananas, you probably think of a delicious recipe for preparing any exotic desert. The truth is we will not talk about cakes, but about teeth whitening. Surely you heard about methods involving the … [Read more...]


Avocado paste recipe, ready in 10 minutes!


Avocado is a fruit rich in vitamins B, C, E, K, minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fiber, which bring many benefits to the body. It can be eaten in salads, in salad dressings, in pudding or as … [Read more...]


Six natural remedies for sore throats

The throat is a constant problem in the cold season. But, we do have an alternative to medicines: natural remedies for throat. All of them are effective, are natural and have no side effects at all. The salted water: It is the oldest and one of … [Read more...]


The best natural body oils

Like the hair, the skin care requires consistent care. Otherwise, without a long-term care the skin loses its softness and therefore you lose one of the biggest advantages you have as a woman. No need to waste money on luxury beauty treatments … [Read more...]


Three autumn makeup ideas

Natural eyebrows

Autumn is finally here, and with it a new season where we have to reinvent ourselves. We have just changed the summer wardrobe for the autumn one, will have to change and our look from a summer one to the one with autumnal colors, warm and … [Read more...]