22 gray manicures that you should try


Because winter is still here and we can still wear darker clothes, why not match our nails to them too? We suggest you try a gray manicure and you will receive many compliments! Gray goes great with black and pink so you can make some great … [Read more...]


Zebra nail designs and ideas


We already know that this year animal print is still one of the most popular trends so it's actually a must to wear it! And what better way to integrate animal print into your look if not on your nails? Nail artists have create more and more … [Read more...]


Adorable owl nail designs


Owls have become a very popular symbol over the last year, as we can see them on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry! So of course, the next step is to wear little and adorable owls on our nails! The process is simple! Just pick your … [Read more...]


Cute Valentine’s Day manicures


There is only one month left until Valentine's Day, so you better start getting ready! From presents and card for your loved ones to the outfit you are going to wear and of course your special manicure. And because this celebration is all about … [Read more...]


Top 5 manicure trends of 2015

floral elements

A new year must be marked by a new look. If you do not have time or the courage to change your hairstyle, start with small things like nails. A great manicure can emphasize not only good taste, but also personality. Therefore, we will show you some … [Read more...]


Hello Kitty Nail Art


Nail art has exploded in the last years, and the artist are so creative and talented! They can make anything and everything and they can transform your nails from simply boring to really amazing with just some nail polish! If you are a big admirer … [Read more...]


Candy cane manicure designs


Christmas is almost here so we have to prepare not only our house to welcome it but also our body! You can make our hair beautiful and shinny with an olive oil an egg mask and relax with the help of some natural body oils. If you want to look your … [Read more...]


Creative feather manicures


Feathers are so beautiful and light and they remind us of the delicate birds that fly around us. But also we can find the feathers in many other things that surround us, like paintings, clothes, jewelry and even manicures. Yes, we can wear feathers … [Read more...]


Christmas tree nail designs


Getting ready for the winter celebrations? If you haven't started yet, than you should definitely start right now! There are so many things to take in consideration, like the perfect party outfit, the presents for your loved ones, the food for the … [Read more...]


3D Minnie and Mickey Mouse Nails


If you are a big fan of the Disney characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse and you just can't get enough of these two cute mice, than why not wear them on your nails! That's a great way to take them and your passion everywhere you go! We all know that … [Read more...]