Stiletto manicure designs you must try this summer


Every year, there are new trends in fashion and beauty. And this year is no different. We've seen many new things when it comes to clothing and accessories, but also lot of cool things when it comes to beauty. Today we want to talk about one of those … [Read more...]


Nautical inspired manicures to wear this summer

Nautical themed outfit

The nautical theme is very trendy this year, from clothes, to accessories and even to manicure and pedicure. Wearing this theme on your nails is the best way because you will be trendy and also have a great manicure. So what are the symbols of … [Read more...]


16 negative space nail designs to try this spring


Negative space nails have become so trendy in the last years! They are interesting, modern and overall a fresh take on what a manicure can look like. The best part is that you can make so many combinations and create some amazing nail art. We … [Read more...]


20 beautiful manicure ideas for almond acrylic nails


Almond acrylic nails are so much beautiful and more elegant than the white ones. You can create chic manicures like the French one by simply adding some color to the tips and a transparent coat and there you go, you have flawless nails in no … [Read more...]


Orange flower nail art ideas


Orange flowers are so beautiful and artists around the world are using them as an inspiration for their work. You could also be an artist and create a special manicure with the help of the orange flowers. You can wear your orange flower manicure … [Read more...]


Hearts manicures


Hearts are the representation of love and happiness so why don't you take them everywhere with you especially on your nails! It is so easy to create a nice, cute and trendy manicure using little hearts! You can choose your favorite color and paint … [Read more...]


The Amazing Nail Art


If some years ago, women would paint their nails only in one color, today we have real artists that create some amazing designs on our nails. This art is called of course, nail art. If you are also talented and have a lot of patience and passion, you … [Read more...]