The benefits of milk for your health and beauty


Milk ¬†contains many nutrients that are beneficial for everyone's health. Regular consumption of milk is a medical recommendation for daily diet. You should know that in addition to health benefits, milk is an excellent aid for beauty treatments. So … [Read more...]


The best sources of vitamin D in the winter


Vitamin D is produced by our body under the influence of sunlight, and in the absence of the sun in the winter time we can take the vitamin D from the food. Under these conditions, in winter we should eat foods rich in vitamin D to fill the deficit … [Read more...]


Golden milk, recipe and benefits

The main ingredient in the Golden milk¬†is turmeric . Turmeric contains curcumin or turmeric, a polyphenol identified as a highly active nutrient and presenting hundreds of health benefits from antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory and … [Read more...]


Home made treatments for blackheads

Strawberry scrub

Blackheads, also known as the comedones, is one of the problems faced by women, regardless of age. These occur due to the accumulation of impurities in pores and sebum to oxidize. To get rid of them, you have to respect strict hygiene some facial … [Read more...]


Three snacks that you can eat in the evening

Eat a delicious fruit salad!

Did you just finished eating but you are still hungry? Look at the clock. If it's after 18:00 o'clock then try to stay away from any kind of food that might not be good for your figure like meat, bread or chocolate. But don't go t bed hungry. There … [Read more...]