Beautiful lace dresses for spring and summer


In the spring and the summer we suggest you wear a beautiful lace dress, that emphasizes your femininity and your style. A short or medium lace dress is the best way to show not only your body but also your elegant side. You can wear it with high … [Read more...]


Black and white striped dresses

This spring you will look amazing in a black and white striped dress. Not only they are so adorable and easy to match and wear, but will also give you a very fresh and trendy air. Depending on the length, you can wear a black and white striped dress … [Read more...]


12 amazing haircuts for women over 40

We all know that beauty comes first from the inside. A beautiful mind, soul and heart will show on our face. Age is also just a number, so we are basically the ones who decide how we want to look and feel at one point in our life. Taking care of our … [Read more...]


Hair Style Tutorial of the Day (October 21, 2013)


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