14 matte nail designs that are trendy right now


If you are looking for a new nail design to try in 2016 then I have an idea that I'm sure you are going to like: matte nails. This design is so easy to create, all you need is some matte nail polish and some inspiration. To create interesting you … [Read more...]


Amazing black matte manicures with special effects


Matte nail polish is a very good choice if you want your nails to look amazing, during the day and the night time. With the help of the matte nail polish you can create special manicure designs, and you will receive many compliments. And if you are … [Read more...]


Top 5 manicure trends of 2015

floral elements

A new year must be marked by a new look. If you do not have time or the courage to change your hairstyle, start with small things like nails. A great manicure can emphasize not only good taste, but also personality. Therefore, we will show you some … [Read more...]


Matte red lipstick, how to wear it in the cold season


Today we'll talk about the red matteĀ lipstick, a beauty product that will help you when you want to have a sophisticated look without a lot of effort. Here's what you need to know about applying it! Matte red lipstick, makeup product must have … [Read more...]


Matte lipstick – the star of the 2014 autumn


Matte lipsticks have become a beauty obsession, so it would be a shame not to take advantage and of the star of autumn 2014. The texture and composition were improved and now they are creamy and moisturizes the lips withstanding several … [Read more...]


Matte nail polish designs

Matte and shinny nail polish tutorial

Matte nail polish is a great choice if you don't like that shinny look on you nails that you get from a normal nail polish. Like a normal nail polish, that matte one comes in a great variety of colors that will fit with your style and … [Read more...]