Covergirl NatureLuxe collection


The NatureLuxe collection from Covergirl has won the hearts of women all around the world. The face of this line is Taylor Swift, known for her natural looks and we must say that she did a great job in representing this brand. The luxury collection … [Read more...]


Gold makeup ideas


The gold makeup is something that you can not wear during the day, but something that is perfect for an evening event, like a party or a wedding! It is not only beautiful but also very stylish so don't be afraid to try this luxurious makeup style. … [Read more...]


The 11 cosmetic products every girl should have


Given the multitude of cosmetic products that exist on the market today, it is hard to distinguish which products are really essential and that should not miss from a complete makeup kit. Although every year new products  that claim to be essential … [Read more...]


10 Makeup Ideas For a Modern Bride


If you want to be a modern bride then you have to choose only modern accessories for your wedding day look! One of the most important thing is the makeup you  will wear and the way you arrange your hair. Here are some makeup ideas that can inspire … [Read more...]


Makeup ideas for blue eyes


If you have blue eyes, then you must know that there are some colors and shades that go well with your eyes. We found some amazing makeup ideas that can inspire you. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section bellow. Green eye … [Read more...]


Makeup Tutorial ( December 10, 2013)


Check out this amazing makeup tutorial. Let us know what you think and where would you wear it, in the comments section below! … [Read more...]


Makeup ideas for brown eyes


If you have brown eyes than you can consider yourself lucky! Brown eyes go perfectly with almost all the colors but there are also some shades that will make your eyes look gorgeous. We chose for you some amazing ideas that can inspire your makeup if … [Read more...]


Makeup Tutorial of the Day (November 26, 2013)


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Makeup Tutorial of the Day (November 22nd, 2013)


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Ten amazing false eyelashes makeup ideas

Beautiful blond woman with artistic feather makeup

They are seductive, mysterious, bold and incredibly accentuate your look. False eyelashes are the delight of the makeup art. Of course we can not use them for our daily make up but we can surely wear them in the evening, at at party or in the club, … [Read more...]