15 hot pink manicure ideas for a hot summer day


Since there is still a month left of the summer of 2016, now it's time to be more bold and more chic then ever. August is the perfect month to get your tan and wear those clothes you always dream of. Go to the seaside and show off your body that you … [Read more...]


Nautical inspired manicures to wear this summer

Nautical themed outfit

The nautical theme is very trendy this year, from clothes, to accessories and even to manicure and pedicure. Wearing this theme on your nails is the best way because you will be trendy and also have a great manicure. So what are the symbols of … [Read more...]


Cute, creative and colorful manicures to try this spring


We all have some colors that are our favorites and we wear them on our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! But what if we like more than one color and we want to wear them all? Well then, the only place on your body we suggest you do that, are … [Read more...]


16 negative space nail designs to try this spring


Negative space nails have become so trendy in the last years! They are interesting, modern and overall a fresh take on what a manicure can look like. The best part is that you can make so many combinations and create some amazing nail art. We … [Read more...]


Red & Black, the perfect combination for a perfect manicure


Looking for a beautiful and elegant manicure that will go great with a casual outfit or with an office one? Making classic combinations in the key to your success! We are always combining the black with white, but today we want to show you another … [Read more...]


Beautiful floral accessories

Floral Beauty

One of the most important things that we must remember when putting together an outfit are the accessories. When choosing your accessories you must make sure they fit with not only your style and personality, but also to the other items from your … [Read more...]


Beautiful white manicures


If you like white  and you wear it all the time in your clothes, then you definitely needs to match the manicure with your outfit. You can choose a simple manicure with white nail polish over to give a layer of varnish to not look too matte, or you … [Read more...]


The Amazing Nail Art


If some years ago, women would paint their nails only in one color, today we have real artists that create some amazing designs on our nails. This art is called of course, nail art. If you are also talented and have a lot of patience and passion, you … [Read more...]


Ten Beautiful Christmas manicure designs

Nail Art - pink Christmas

This winter you will be admired be all your friends if you choose a special design for your nails. You can paint your nails with red, green and white,  and then make a nice design like a snowflake, a present or a Santa's hat. We picked some really … [Read more...]


Fruit inspired manicures


Fruits are very healthy and full of vitamins. But they can also be an inspiration for your manicure. If you are talented, you can make your own designs (there are also a lot of tutorials on the internet), or you can go to a manicurist. Here are some … [Read more...]