22 gray manicures that you should try


Because winter is still here and we can still wear darker clothes, why not match our nails to them too? We suggest you try a gray manicure and you will receive many compliments! Gray goes great with black and pink so you can make some great … [Read more...]


Fresh from the runway: the manicure trends of 2015

3D Applications

Metallic accents, negative space, 3D applications, refined¬†ombre effect and creative juxtaposition of colors: just when you thought you've seen it all in terms of nail art, manicure trends launched 2015 demonstrate that the imagination of the … [Read more...]


Beautiful wedding manicures


The wedding day is one of the most important day of our lives! So it must be perfect! After thinking about the ceremony, party and other details it's time to think about your dress, hair, make up and nails. Nails are a very important part as your … [Read more...]


Cute Valentine’s Day manicures


There is only one month left until Valentine's Day, so you better start getting ready! From presents and card for your loved ones to the outfit you are going to wear and of course your special manicure. And because this celebration is all about … [Read more...]


Top 5 manicure trends of 2015

floral elements

A new year must be marked by a new look. If you do not have time or the courage to change your hairstyle, start with small things like nails. A great manicure can emphasize not only good taste, but also personality. Therefore, we will show you some … [Read more...]


Beautiful spring manicures


We are all waiting for spring to come and bring the warm weather and the good times! But until then we can bring just a little bit of spring in our lives with the help of a very special manicure! Spring manicures are the perfect way to show … [Read more...]


Hello Kitty Nail Art


Nail art has exploded in the last years, and the artist are so creative and talented! They can make anything and everything and they can transform your nails from simply boring to really amazing with just some nail polish! If you are a big admirer … [Read more...]


Creative feather manicures


Feathers are so beautiful and light and they remind us of the delicate birds that fly around us. But also we can find the feathers in many other things that surround us, like paintings, clothes, jewelry and even manicures. Yes, we can wear feathers … [Read more...]


Beautiful and immaculate Chanel nail polish


Chanel is such a popular brand and women all around the globe use their products on a daily basis. Of course when you say Chanel you think about elegance, style and beauty and that's they way a woman has to be everyday. The Chanel nail polish is … [Read more...]


Trendy cheetah manicures


Animal print has become the must have of the last years and now we can find it everywhere from clothes to furniture to accessories and nails. One of the most appreciated animal print is the cheetah so more and more women have used this print for … [Read more...]