Lip Art by Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson


Laura Jenkinson is a young makeup artist that has captivated everyone's attention with her amazing lip art designs. But she is more than a makeup guru; as you can see for yourself in the images below, she's also a talented painter and an imaginative … [Read more...]


Gorgeous Sparkle Makeup


If you are looking for a really spectacular makeup to wear at a party or a wedding than you can opt for a sparkle makeup that will make your eyes beautiful. There are many designs that you can find on the internet or ask your makeup artist to help … [Read more...]


Colorful makeup ideas

Sexy Makeup Idea

The colors make our lives happier and prettier! So let's just not wear them on our clothes but also in our makeup. This season the vibrant colors are very appreciated when it comes to the makeup and we see more and more extravagant ideas from the … [Read more...]


The benefits of mineral makeup


Increasingly more women have started using mineral makeup, which is very popular among makeup artists and celebrities, but also ordinary women. This type of makeup was first introduced in the 70's, but began to be used quite recently, only a few … [Read more...]


Makeup trends for the summer/ autumn of 2014

A fresh, natural makeup

A survey recently made concluded that women with less makeup or natural makeup are considered more beautiful than the ones with heavy makeup. Furthermore, women without makeup were placed in the category of beautiful and interesting before the ones … [Read more...]


The permanent makeup


The permanent makeup is a good solution, but there are some details you need to know before resorting to this solution. Find out the important details about the permanent makeup and take into account a few details that it are mandatory to know them … [Read more...]


The makeup trick every woman should know

Make your eye makeup last more!

Here are a few beauty tricks that every woman should know, trick that are very important and will surely help you with more then one occasion. 1. How to hide the dark circles under your eyes Dark circles are extremely annoying, especially as not … [Read more...]


The perfect makeup products for the summer of 2014

This summer look amazing!

Summer is already here, so now is a favorable moment to have a look in your make-up kit and replace the dark makeup with pastel shades products, perfect hot days. This season, opt for organic makeup products without parabens, paraffin or silicone, … [Read more...]


10 Makeup Ideas For a Modern Bride


If you want to be a modern bride then you have to choose only modern accessories for your wedding day look! One of the most important thing is the makeup you  will wear and the way you arrange your hair. Here are some makeup ideas that can inspire … [Read more...]


Makeup Ideas from the Hollywood Stars

Jennifer Lopez

We all want to look as beautiful as the stars that we see on TV or in the magazines. Well now we can, because they are reviling their secrets. Find out what kind of products your favorite stars are using and in what combinations. Use their tricks to … [Read more...]