18 elgant makeup ideas for green eyes


Green eyes are simply stunning and if you are one of those lucky women who have them, than you must learn how to use makeup in your advantage. Like in the case of brown and blue eyes, there are certain colors and makeup techniques that will emphasize … [Read more...]


Makeup Ideas from the Hollywood Stars

Jennifer Lopez

We all want to look as beautiful as the stars that we see on TV or in the magazines. Well now we can, because they are reviling their secrets. Find out what kind of products your favorite stars are using and in what combinations. Use their tricks to … [Read more...]


The Natural Makeup


To have a natural look has became a trend. Among the hundreds faces wearing excessive makeup that we see around us every day, on the street, in magazines or on television, a natural face is like a breath of fresh air. Every girl is beautiful in her … [Read more...]


Ten amazing false eyelashes makeup ideas

Beautiful blond woman with artistic feather makeup

They are seductive, mysterious, bold and incredibly accentuate your look. False eyelashes are the delight of the makeup art. Of course we can not use them for our daily make up but we can surely wear them in the evening, at at party or in the club, … [Read more...]