What should you drink while on a diet


We all know that while dieting you must have a lot of liquids to keep you hydrated and help you loose weight. But not all liquids are good to be drank when you keep a diet so here is a list of what is good for you. It is good to know that every … [Read more...]


Basic rules for your January diet

Not accidentally January is synonymous with diet. Consequently there are some basic rules of diet in January, which we can help us lose weight, with benefits to the overall tone and health. Give up counting calories. The rule says eat slowly, … [Read more...]


Hair braiding styles 2014

Special Hair Braids

Braids are very popular among all the girls and women and it seems that you don't need to be a certain age to wear them. From the most simple braid that is made with three strands of hair to more complicated designs like dutch or fish tail, the … [Read more...]


The summer vegetarian diet


The summer vegetarian diet is one of the best diet plans that you can use in the summer, including when you're on vacation. Summer vegetarian or vegan diet not only produce amazing results if you want to reduce your daily caloric intake and lose … [Read more...]