19 modern bob hairstyles to try in 2016


In 2016, one of the trendiest haircuts is the bob. Actually this sleek hairstyles has been the favorite of many women for many, many years now, so it's no wonder that the bob is still very popular. Over the last years, hairstylists have used their … [Read more...]


How to wear the long vest in 2016


There are a few clothing items that are going to be very trendy in 2016 and today I want to show you one of them. The long vest is perfect for those days when the weather is neither cold or warm, and is a great addition to any outfit. ¬†And even tough … [Read more...]


18 beautiful hairstyles by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is a true fashion icon, and girls and women all around the globe follow her every move when it comes to her look. Over the years we saw her go through many changes, including her fashion style and her look. When she first started … [Read more...]


How to choose the perfect pair of silver earrings


Few accessories manage to be as versatile as a pair of silver earrings. From old pieces with a vintage flair to monolithic futuristic-looking ones, silver earrings are suitable for any interpretation, style or personality. It can be a challenge to … [Read more...]


Choose the perfect ring for your hand

Choose your perfect ring!

We choose our clothes according to silhouette, without forgetting to pay greater attention to the cut, that has to flatter your body and hide any defects or imperfections (wide hips, belly prominent, etc). We opt for earrings that perfectly fit our … [Read more...]


Trendy outfits for a trendy winter

Smart casual @ the office

Winter is here so we must make sure our wardrobe is ready for the cold weather. Although you took care to renew your wardrobe with specific key pieces this time of year, you must learn how to combine clothes so that you get the most surprising winter … [Read more...]


Gorgeous long coral dresses


A long coral dress is the perfect choice for a modern woman when going to a party, a wedding or a cocktail. The color is so amazing and if you are planning to wear it in autumn, the summer tan will look even better and compliment the coral. Even … [Read more...]


Ten beautiful long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses


Mermaid wedding dresses are some of the most popular dresses in the world. Of course you have to have a perfect waist in order to wear this type of dress but if you do, a mermaid dress is the perfect fit for you. Mermaid wedding dresses have been … [Read more...]


Party dresses for every style


Every time we go to a party on another important event, the first thing that comes to our mind is what to wear. Sometimes we pick the first thing that we find in our closet and sometimes we look for weeks that perfect outfit. A dress is usually the … [Read more...]


12 amazing haircuts for women over 40

We all know that beauty comes first from the inside. A beautiful mind, soul and heart will show on our face. Age is also just a number, so we are basically the ones who decide how we want to look and feel at one point in our life. Taking care of our … [Read more...]